Neighborhoods in Banderas Bay

Below, we have included a brief summary of the neighbourhoods in the greater Puerto Vallarta area & Surrounded Areas.  The list is geographical, from South to North.

This area starts at Conchas Chinas and goes to Boca de Tomatlan.  You will find hill-side and ocean front villas and luxury condos, often with views.  For most of this region, the closest grocery stores, restaurants, medical attention will be in the Romantic Zone.  This area offers luxe jungle-influenced settings.
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Parts of this area is often referred to as the Beverly Hills of Puerto Vallarta.  Here you will find older homes built with lots of Mexican charm, as well as modern, sleek condiminiums.  With the opportunity for views, and the proximity to the restaurants and nightlife of the Romantic Zone, these niehgborhoods are some of the most sought-after in the area
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For many, this is the most-sought after area.  Here you will find all sorts of restaurants, cafés, bars, nightclubs, and access to the beach.  The nick-name comes from the cobblestone streets, arquitecture, and the vibe of this area.  There are a lot of condo buildings, and not many hotels, so this is the ideal area to purchase a condo for rental income, and the occassional vacation.  Prices have increased singifncantly, but fortuntately there are many areas of Vallarta that offer rental.
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This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta, and incluides the famous Boardwalk and city square.  In this neighborhood, you can still find some traditional Hacienda-style properties, and many of the properties are built on the hill-side.  There is a lot of resotration ocurring in this neighborhood, where lots are being used to build boutique-style condominiums.
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The Hotel Zone is just north of the Centro, Malecon, 5 de diciembre area.  This is along the main avenue that takes you downtown from the airport.  Contrary to the name, there are not that many big hotels in this area.  There are some smaller complexes, as well as some bigger, resort-style developments, most noteably the Gran Venetian, Peninsula and Icon.
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Versalles is becoming a very popular neighborhood, and it is located just to the east of the Hotel Zone.  Versalles is a flat section of Vallarta, and well-located between various neighboorhoods.  It is mixed-use, so you will find commerical and residential mizxed togetjer.  Since around 2019, there have been a lot of new developments being constructed, which has steadily increased property values.
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Fluvial is a residential neighborhood just north and east of Versalles.  You will find big streets, manicured parks, and sizeable homes.  Most of Fluvial is residential, so only if you are on the edge of the area, restaurants and shops are accessible by walking.  There are still lots for sale in this area, so it is possible to construct your home from scratch.
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This area is east of Versalles and is one of the older developed areas of Vallarta.  Gaviotas is residential, so there will not be any shops or restaurants.  The are is defined by having some of Vallarta’s charming arquitecture.  A lot of the lots are quite large, allowing for big homes, with big yards and nice-sized pools
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The Marina is between The Hotel Zone and the airport.  This area has its own Malecon (Boardwalk) along the water, where you can have dinner and gaze at the yachts.  There are all sorts of condos, some constructed when the Marina was first built, as well as newer high-rises.  There is also a residential section with homes, making this a very desireable area.  
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Nuevo Vallarta is north of the airport, and is a rather expansive area.  You will find a major hotel zone here, with large resorts along the water.  There are condos, house, budget-style to highend.  Within Nuevo Vallarta, there are some gated communities, most notably El Tigre.  El Tigre has a beautiful club house, golf course, and some of the most desireable homes in the region.
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These areas are north of Nuevo Vallarta.  There is the Golden Zone (Zona Dorada) in Bucerias which has seen a lot of new condos constrcuted over the past couple of years.  You can find charming town centers in both of these areas, with lots of local restaurants and markets. 
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The gated area of Punta Mita is the home for some of the world’s rich and famous.  Inside the gated community, you will find the Four Seasons, St. Regis, W Hotel, as well as some of the most spectacular villas in the region.  Outside of the gated community there are beautiful beaches, a charming town, and houses and condos matching many people’s taste.
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Sayulita is a charming town that is rather famous because of surfing.  San Pancho is a little quiterer, and is a very relaxed beach town.  Both offer all levels of properties, from beach front villas, to rustic cabins.

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