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Be prepared for your Property Shopping Trip

November 15, 2021
Be prepared for your Property Shopping Trip

For many of our US and Canadian friends and clients, winter is upon you, which might mean a trip to Mexico! It may be that this is the year that you take the plunge to make your dreams a reality and decide to purchase a property in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Before coming to Mexico, Joshua can assist you with some matters so that upon your arrival in Puerto Vallarta you are prepared and will make the best use of your time.

· Joshua can set-up a property search specific to your criteria so you can see the available properties. This will help you to get familiar with the real estate market, the different areas, etc.
· Joshua can explain to you the process to purchase a property: making an offer on a property, the inspection, due diligence, trust, deed signing, etc. This way, when Joshua finds you the property of your dreams, you are already educated about the processes in Mexico.
· Whether the property be a presale or a resale, Joshua can explain how the good faith money, the purchase price balance, and closing costs are all paid. This will assist you in your financial planning and you can prepare accordingly. If you are going to pay with a mortgage, Joshua can assist with that as well.

Of course, the fun part is when we get to tour some of the fabulous properties we have in the Puerto Vallarta region. If you come down with some preparation, we can take advantage of the time we spend seeing properties, allowing you to max your beach and margarita time!

Please contact Joshua – it is not too soon to begin the search for your dream property.

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