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Cash-outs available in Mexico!

December 13, 2021
Cash-outs available in Mexico!

Do you own a property in Mexico and wish to obtain equity? CBI is excited to offer several different mortgage options which allow you to tap into the equity in your property. 

When you purchased your property, were you unaware of the mortgage options available? Perhaps your financial situation has changed, and you could benefit by cashing out some of the equity in your property without having to sell. Maybe you purchased a property within the last couple of years, and with the significant increase in property values, you would like to access some cash from that property to purchase another property, or take advantage of a different investment opportunity. 

The mortgages available for cash-outs are in USD and can be used by USA and Canadian citizens and residents. You could borrow up to 70% of the value of the property, the mortgage could be up to 30 years, the interest rates are between 9-13.5%, the majority of the fees to obtain the mortgage can be rolled into the loan amount, and you can use the proceeds of the mortgage for any purpose. 

Please feel free to contact your CBI agent for more information. 

Please note, that if you have purchased preconstruction and would like to obtain equity out of your investment, there maybe some options available when the property is ready to be deeded. For preconstruction properties, please contact us 3–4 months prior to when the property will be fully constructed and ready to be deeded.

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